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25. April 2008
Industry Workshop at ETH Zurich (Task sheet).

14. March 2008
Industry Workshop at ETH Zurich (Task sheet).

29. January 2008

Participating a distributed FMEA at Bosch.

25. January 2008
Download of the workshop program

23. January 2008
Cocoon project meeting at Rieter in Winterthur.

18. December 2007
Participating a VC-meeting 'Switzerland - China' at Rieter.

20. September 2007
Participating a collaboration meeting 'CH' - 'CZ' at Rieter.

6. September 2007
Participating a VC-meeting 'CH' - 'CZ' at Rieter..

17. August 2007
Cocoon project meeting at ThyssenKrupp Presta in Eschen (program).

14. August 2007
Cocoon is published as a success story in WTT.

July 2007
Configuration and test of an 'L-bench'.
Trial run of the workshop scenario 'Local and Distributed Collaboration using an IT-environment'.

May/June 2007
Enlargement of the infrastructure in the cocoon project room D13 of ETH Zurich.
The back projection system DigiBox is provided with a powerfull computer, an additional monitor, VC components, and a document camera.
A demo licence of Bridgit is installed on a server to allow data exchange among the individual interaction components.

18. April 2007
Meeting with an IT responsible of TKP Camshafts at the collaboration room at ETH Zurich. Currently available technologies as well as future scenarios were presented.

21. March 2007
Visiting TKP in Eschen/FL .
Participation at a VC-meeting CH - D (camshafts).
Participation at a brainstorming session (steering).

14. March 2007
Participation at a meeting at TKP in Eschen/FL.
Interview with the IT-coordinator 'Camshafts'.
Participation at a VC-meeting CH - USA (camshafts).
Visiting the new collaboration room (steering).

8. March 2007
Brainstorming session on new collaboration tools together with Novia in Zurich

8. February 2007
Participation at a VC-meeting at Bosch in Zuchwil.

6. February 2007
Completion of DigiBuddy 1.

January/February 2007
Contruction of the DigiFlip prototype.

26. January 2007
Visit at Polycom/Switzerland. Demonstration of Ultimate HD as well as of the functionalities 'person and content' and 'person on content'.

15. January 2007
Contacting Polyvision concerning the digital flipchart Thunder.

December 2006
Brainstorming and concept of DigiFlip .

14. - 18. November 2006
IT-supported exhibition booth at PRODEX 2006

Further information in the sector 'Intern'

October/November 2006
Design and realization of the DigiBench prototype, rigth in time for PRODEX.

6. October 2006
All offices of IWF/inspire are provided with webcams

13. September 2006
Testing ViaVideo between ETH Zurich and TKP Eschen/FL

7. September

Meeting at Novia in Rümlang

10. August 2006
Kickoff Meeting

5. July 2006
We received the contracts from KTI.

28. June 2006
The proposal is discussed within the KTI's experts group and accepted.

13. June 2006
A new proposal for cocoon is submitted to Berne. The basic idea of cocoon was kept. However, the proposal was completely re-written, since a simple revision would not have been sufficient.

8. June 2006
Mr. Wohlgemuth from the KTI's experts group explained in detail to Mr. Kennel, why the first proposal was not accepted. He also gave some hints how the proposal should be revised.

18. May 2006
KTI discussed the proposal and decided not to accept it: rejected.

8. May 2006
Within a phonecall with KTI we were informed about the proposal's actual state: the proposal was forwarded to the section 'Enabling Sciences', which will probably discuss it within the next session.

5. May 2006
Mr. Geeler from Collabcom visited the ICVR and presented 'LifeSize', a high-resolution videoconferencing system.

30. March 2006
The first proposal for cocoon was submitted to Berne.

22. February 2006
Pre-kickoff meeting for the project with the new name 'cocoon' - communication & collaboration over network". Participants: Mr. von Sury (Novia), Mr. Feier (Scintilla Bosch), Mr. Betschon (Starrag Heckert), Mr. Kocher (Daetwyler-graphics), as well as Mr. Kunz, Kennel, and Hoffmann from ICVR.

8. Febuary 2006
Meeting with the main financing partner Novia, Mr. von Sury, in Rümlang. The project proposal is discussed in detail.

January, February 2006
Intensive contacts with Daetwyler-graphics, Mr. Kocher and with Starrag-Heckert, Mr. Betschon.

September 2005
Intensive contact with CERN, Mr. Baron, concerning CERN's participation within the project "CRION 2".

August 2005 until February 2006
More than 30 companies were contacted. We visited many companies and also many companies visited ETH. The proposal was permanently revised and detailed.

August 2005
WE started to find partners for the project.

July 2005
Th. Kennel defined the first ideas of a new project named "CRION 2" and started to write a KTI proposal.


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